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Listen for your chance to win a free lunch from The Boom-a-rang Diner. Join Tommy each weekend morning at 7:50 am to guess the song of the day.

Try the Boom-a-Rang Diner for one of the best hamburgers in town.
Visit their website to find out more
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Think you know something about Pop Culture? Put your knowledge to the test on Kool 104.7 with a fun game we call The Pop Culture Quiz.

Join Tommy and The Morning Jam weekday mornings for your chance to guess and win a free $20 gift card from Rockin' Robins.

Good luck from Kool 104.7!
How many movies have you seen in your lifetime? At Kool 1047 in Fort Smith, we've probably seen just as many as you have.

Tommy will be playing asking a question from a popular movie at 7:20 with your chance to win a free pizza from Juan's Mexican Resturaunt.

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